This application also has been installed and works fine on NOKIA 603, NOKIA E5 and NOKIA N500.
Probably work on other models I have not checked.

Very easy to set up and uses very few Internet resources because it connects to send geographical
position and disconnect immediately.

You can not type any text messages.

1) Download to PC from web Downloads section APRS_for_J2ME file.

2) Connect the USB cable to the phone and choose Mass Storage.

3) With Windows Explorer copy the APRS_for_J2ME.jar file to download folder Mass of memory (N:) of NOKIA.

4) Disconnect the cable.

5) Search on the phone mgr. (File Manager).

6) Choose Mem massive E: (May be another letter).

7) Go to the download folder and double click on APRS_for_J2ME.jar file to install.

8) Ignore any warnings messages and install.

9) Once installed follow the steps on the Nokia X6




10) Close all and run the APRS application.

11) Choose Configuration and enter your callsign "Callsign" validation number "APRS passcode", etc.
    The APRS-IS server is: cx2sa.net:14580
    Confirm with OK on all screens.


12) Choose Start and then answer with "Yes" to 2 questions (want to allow to connect to the Internet and
    if you want to send position data).


Basically the screens will look like this




Special Note For the purpose of that you can be seen in the APRS-IS global network needs to connect and also validate the connection with a special (APRS passcode). If you do not have this number you can connect to the server but your information will not be seen by other hams. You can request via email the corresponding validation number of your callsign.

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