IGATE setup in UI-VIEW32 for AGWPE, Soundcard and HF/VHF

To send data to the APRS-IS network servers is essential the Validation number of your amateur radio callsign.

If you doesn't have this validation number corresponding to your callsign, you can request it via email at CX2SA (available only for amateur radio use), because without the validation number, you can be connected for example to a server of APRS-IS: CX2SA.NET:14580 and receive all traffics, but don't send data to the server of APRS-IS until you obtains the Validation number of your callsign station, which will be written in APRS Server Setup just as it is shown in the following image.

You can see an a APRS Server example at http://cx2sa.net:14501

After having the AGWPE configured correctly, and the UI-VIEW32 working for radio, go to Setup and in the APRS Server Setup marking with cross the following options: GATE RF to Internet, Gate Internet To RF, etc. 

You can download a APRS Server list and and fill in a Select One Or More Servers.

In Extra log-on text you must write a filter setup.

Only is necesary when you connect your UI-VIEW al port number 14580.

In a http://cx2sa.net:14501 server web page, you can see a predefined ports on the APRS Server:

Remember that in Extra log-on text you doesn't need to configure absolutely anything if it uses ANY other port DIFFERENT to the 14580.

To finish configuring the IGATE it is necessary go to File and choose the option Edit IGATE.INI to see the ports that are wanted to use to send the packages received from the internet. 

In the example a trafic from internet are sended to port 1 and 2:


In the example beacons from HP2, YN, CX, YO6 and LU stations are sended to RF, while XXX, 99 are not allowed.

I recommend you in the multiport mode with 300 and 1200 bauds set Inet to RF limits as the right image.