Install Winfbb 7.00e from Windows 2000 to Windows 10

Here's how to migrate from W98 or Win Me or start from scratch with the FBB installer, in which case you must install the 32-bit version.

1) Before formatting the hard disk, move to another PC or install a new operating system, please save on a flash drive or other HD one copy compressed of full BBS.

2) The natural location is C:\FBB and you should also save all folders and files contained in this directory.

3) Save in the same place the WINFBB.INI file containing some preferences of FBB and located at C:\Windows

4) Install the new operating system, etc.

5) When the PC is ready to install the programs please copy the entire Winfbb 7.00e to hard disk.

6) If you migrate from Win 98 or Millenium first thing to do is download from here or from the download section that contains 2 .dll files to replace Winfbb 7.00e.
    If you migrate from Windows 2000 or higher and have these filter .dll mentioned and you not need do so again.

7) Copy to C:/Windows the previously saved file called WINFBB.ini
    If it is a new installation of FBB (from zero) download and replace the originals files for the content of
    If you have problems with .pif files, download pif files from downloads.

8) Now you need to modify environment variables which is different depending of the operating system in use.
    There must be added at the end of the line after the semicolon c:\FBB;c:\FBB\bin;c:\FBB\system; finish giving OK as many times (3) as to the configuration window closes
    Follow these illustrative images for multiple operating systems.




9) Go to C:\FBB\BIN and leave only the following PIF files: FBB_SVC, DSZ and RUNFBB while the rest of the PIF files can be deleted.
    In case they need to perform a from zero or clean installation of Winfbb 7.00e, install him and if there is a .pif files error you can download from here the package or from download section.

10) Do not forget to replace the old versions of C_Filt32.DLL and C_Filter.dll for which they have downloaded. These filters must be placed in C:\FBB\BIN.

Special considerations for Windows 10

When you start the first time WinFBB 7.00e on Windows 10 the operating system configure other things as shown in this sequence.

Maybe, NTVDM must install Windows 10:

Wait for the finish.

Please close:

Enable FBB firewall to work properly.

Some windows of old commands in Windows 10 also need its special configuration

Right click and go to properties:

Check that indicated in the following image and close all option.

If appear others similar windows repeat the process.

This is the aspect of Winfbb 7.00e working in Windows 10 and having received the first bulletin: